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RESAAS startup desktop and mobile website development and architecture

RESAAS website and mobile siteSummary: A starup SAAS project with a view to bringing a markedly better website offerings to both realtors and their customers in Canada.

Website: www.resaas.com

Date: March 2009

Services I provided: Production Management, Project Management, Client Liaisons, Project Scoping, Lead Development

Technology used: ASP.NET 3.5 C#, SQL Server 2005, XHTML, CSS, JSON Web Services, Clickatel SMS/text messaging,  XML, XSD, Akamai CDN, Google Maps.

Project: RESAAS is a startup SAAS website and mobile site service that arose out of the poor web-based Real Estate offerings available in Canada. The goal was to provide an extremely user friendly service for both Realtors and their customers, such as to enable Realtors to create and publish property listings directly from their phone, to simplify the existing cumbersome Canadian ‘MLS’ system for property listsings, and to provide a rewarding customer experience of the Realtor’s websites, by making them map-based, easy to use, and providing key property information in a well presented manner. Since the original project that I was involved in, RESAAS has gone through a number of incarnations and is now listed on the Canadian National Stock Exchange.

Features: Mobile and desktop websites, SMS sending, Map based property listings, Automated Faxing, automated PDF generation, custom CMS, eCommerce purchase of Realtor website, wildcard subdomains.

Employer: The RESAAS project was conducted whilst working for Lightmaker.

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