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PSA Project Management

Website Summary: An online, interactive company website with portfolio, custom CMS, membership system, email newsletters and SAAS Project Management methodology.

www.psaproject.com.au |     Date: 1999 – 2004

Expertise provided: Website Design & Build, Project Management, Webmaster, Project Lead, Application Design & Build, Newsletters, Statistics, Search Engine Optimisation, Custom Analytics, Database Design & Build, Staff mentoring, Customer Liaisons.

Technology: XHTML, CSS, Classic ASP, SQL Server, Photoshop, Fireworks

Website Details: The PSA Project Management website continually evolved and adapted over five years, growing originally from a Frontpage website, to a dynamic, interactive offering with project portfolio, interactive Project Management methodology, health checks and competency assessments, an administrable membership system, and a custom CMS.

Features: The website includes an online commercial Project Management application using a XHTML/ASP web interface to step subscribing members through PSA’s proven methodology to effectively analyse and plan their projects in accordance with world standards including the PMBOK and Australian standards in PM, and provides PM tools to import and control Project Gantt charts for tracking of the implementation of projects. It uses a form based Q&A setup, automatically saving information to a SQL Server database for subsequent dissemination in to reports.

Employer: This site was built whilst working for PSA Project Management.

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