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Healthsite ‘Online Appointments’ Mobile and Web Apps

Healthsite ‘Online Appointments’ Mobile and Web AppsWebsite summary: Development of Mobile Apps and mobile optimisations (RWD) for the Healthsite Online Appointments booking feature.

Website: www.healthsite.com.au

Date: November 2013 – Ongoing

Expertise provided: Mobile App Development for iOS and Android, front-end mobile optimisation development and responsive design, UI and UX Design

Technology used: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PhoneGap, AngularJS, JSON, Responsive Web Design, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Django, Python, GruntJS, LESS

Features: Healthsite required the creation of Mobile Apps for their Medical Centre clients, as well as upgrading their ‘Online Appointments’ feature interface to be mobile optimised interface based on Responsive Web Design techniques. Converting their application to be optimised for mobile devices required a prototyping UI/UX design phase to ensure that the mobile version of the Appointments feature was going to be highly usable for end users, followed by the implementation of Responsive Web Design (RWD) techniques to enable the interface to adapt to the multitude of screen sizes available for accessing websites. Healthsite also wanted to roll out Mobile Apps for each of their Medical Centre clients to offer their patients a new, convenient way to interact with the clinic and make appointment bookings online, which also required prototyping of a new UI/UX to implement Mobile Apps that would add something to the user that they couldn’t get from the clinic website or mobile optimised version of the website – convenient information at their fingerstips, pertinent to their mobile contexts when interacting with the App. PhoneGap and Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 was employed to enable fast production of both iOS (5, 6, 7, for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad), and Android (2.3 & 4, for all devices) Apps, and AngularJS was used to provide the ‘Single Page App’ framework to power the App, enabling contents of the App to be updated remotely via the App’s ‘parent’ website.  Additional requirements were that these Apps were cost effective and efficient to roll-out on a large scale, achieved through a process refinement which has enabled the clinic Apps to be rolled out very quickly.

Client: This work was done whilst contracting to Health Media Group.

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