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Photo Postcards Facebook App design and build

UltraPostcards.com Postcard frontWebsite summary: A personal start-up project implementing an electronic interactive postcard sending Facebook App.

Website: apps.facebook.com/photo-postcards/

Date: November 2012

Expertise used: Facebook integration and App implementation, lightweight code architecture

Technology used: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter, Bing Maps, Map Geo-location API, Facebook Graph API

Website details: A personal project implemented as part of my love for both travelling, photography and web development. This was an opportunity to integrate with Facebook and the OpenGraph API, Bing Maps and implementation of a Facebook App. The App allows you to choose photos from your Facebook photo library to use as a postcard, to either auto-locate yourself to type a location, and uses the flag of the country of the location as the postcard stamp, and to send it to friends via Facebook. The result is a digitial version of a conventional postcard.

Features: Facebook Integration, Map Geo-location service, Bing Maps

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