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TheGalley.ca website redesign and build

TheGalley.ca Patio and Grill restaurant, Vancouver, CanadaWebsite Summary: Redevelopment of The Galley Patio and Grill restaurant website into a professional online marketing and communication tool.

Website: www.thegalley.ca

Date: February 2012

Expertise provided: Website design, project planning, scoping, build, management and consulting, content guidance and editing, Search Engine Optimisation.

Technology used: XHTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, jQuery

Website Details: The Galley were looking to redevelop their website with the objectives to improve both it’s usability and functionality, as well to make it a more modern, visually engaging, attractive and usable website. Of particular importance was enhancing the maintainability of the website for the restaurant owner and manager, such as to make updating the restaurant menu easier, which was achieved via implementation on the more user friendly WordPress platform. We believe the result is an attractive, useful and usable restaurant website that achieves the purposes of the redesign as well as improving conversion ratios of the website by making it easier for potential customers to find the restaurant in both the online and physical worlds.

Features: Full-featured CMS, integrated user centred experience.

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