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Servus website development and Service Delivery Management

Servus desktop and mobile sitesWebsite summary: Servus Credit Union website development work and Service Delivery Management

Website: www.servus.ca

Date: July 2011

Expertise provided: Front end and .NET coding, Service Delivery Management

Technology used: jQuery, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET C#, Sharepoint, TFS

Front-end Development:

My key development role in this project was the custom coding on the Servus Home Budget Calculator, an application entirely based in jQuery, XHTML and CSS, and which talks to an ASP.NET backend. This complex calculator is entirely dynamic, and is one of the most complex parts of the website. My roles also included debugging and maintaining front-end code of the customised Sharepoint implementation developed by Habanero.

Service Delivery Management:

As the Servus website entered production, I took on the role of Service Delivery Manager of the Habanero services provided to Servus as part of maintaining the website and releasing scheduled enhancments on the website for Servus, as well coordinating a knowledge transfer to the Servus team to enable them to take over management of the site.

Features: Custom Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server implementation, Task Based Navigation

Client: I was contracting to Habanero Consulting when this work was conducted.

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