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ThinkITSM website design and Flash application

ThinkITSMWebsite Summary: Website Design and implementation of a Flash ‘Navigation Console’ central to their web-based SAAS application.

Website: www.thinkitsm.com

Date: May 2009

Expertise provided: Production Management, Project Management, Client consulting, Project Scoping

Technology used: XML, XSD.  Other technology used on project: XHTML, Flash.

Web Project Details:

  • Sales website: Project scoping, functional specification and template design for the ThinkITSM sales website, making ITSM services available to the public via their online web application.
  • Flash Navigation Console: Project scoping, functional specification, design and implementation a Flash based Navigation Console, a central navigation and informational feature for ThinkITSM’s extensive SAAS web application.
ThinkITSM Navigation Console

ThinkITSM Navigation Console

ThinkITSM Navigation Console


  • Sales website: The sales website was to include a clean, Web2.0 look with templated, user centred designs that ThinkITSM could use to generate their own content and website. Scoping of the project included detailed Use Cases, Wireframes and Graphical Mockups
  • Flash Navigation Console: The Navigation Console needed to provide a compact, drill-down, informational, contextual and concise central feature that users could use to navigate and find out more information about organisational maturity and implementation of ITSM within their business. An integral feature to the SAAS offering, it required detailed study and understanding of the business and user needs to reach a solution to address the needs of users, and the solution included a Flash interface with a Google Maps style panning and zooming as well as drill down information and overlays to allow the user to access the information and navigation needed whilst using the application.

Employer: The ThinkITSM projects were conducted whilst working for Lightmaker.

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