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Bodyglide website


Website Summary: Website Design of a distinctive, engaging and appealing new website with a highly user centric design.

Website: www.bodyglide.com

Date: November 2008

Expertise provided: Project Management, Production Management, Client consultation, Project Scoping, User Experience Planning, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Editing and Guidance.

Technology used: XHTML.  Other technology used on project: Flash, CSS, PHP

Website Details: As a leading manufacturer and supplier of skin protectants and lubricants, Bodyglide wanted to boost its online presence to improve brand awareness and drive product sales. As the Bodyglide brand is all about the products and users, the new website focuses on them, linking personas with typical usages and thus guiding visitors to the most suitable product for them. It educates users about the products, as well as makes finding a location to buy Bodyglide products easy, thus achieving both business and user objectives in conjunction. The website uses a central cube navigation system to browse products, fused with a minimal, highly visual design, creating a functional presence on the web that glides ahead of the competition.

Features: Advanced navigation system to enable navigation via any possible route the user might prefer, whilst still providing an engaging, appealing user experience – implement via both user type navigation and product navigation. Detailed user experience planning revealed a navigation system to cater to the wide ranging, distinctly separate types of users – from sporty to prosthetic users to the elderly to dancers – and allow access from all parts of the site. Additionally, the user journey guides the user to find locations to buy Bodyglide products or to contact Bodyglide directly, as well as persuading them of the benefits of Bodyglide along the way. Add to this a ‘Send to Friend’ feature and a CMS implementation for the client to update the Flash text without needing to edit Flash, this website delivered a full return on investment for the client not to mention a world class website.

Employer: This site was built for Bodyglide whilst working for Lightmaker.

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