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Transport for London public website build and redesign

Transport for London website

Website Summary: Redevelopment of the Transport for London (TfL) website in to a user-focused, task centric, good looking, modern website, along with migration of the website to a CMS powered, ASP.NET, 10 server platform, allĀ supported via the Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Website: www.tfl.gov.uk

Date: February 2007

Expertise Provided: Project Management, Coordination of 15 Suppliers, Technical Architecture and Technical Lead.

Technology Used: ASP.NET, SQL Server, Akamai CDN, Scheduled Tasks, RedDot CMS.

Website Details: The TfL New Media department were able to realise many corporate goals for Transport for London by significantly overhauling the website. I played 3 integral roles as part of this year long project, the fruits of which all needed to launched simultaneously:

  • Technical Lead of the reskin and rearchitecture of the TfL website and migration to a CMS.
  • Coordination of 15 third party website suppliers to launch a reskinned family of websites all at the same ‘go live’ date
  • Technical Architecture of the TfL website’s web application migration to ASP.NET, optimisation of Akamai’s CDN for TfL’s purposes, and roll-out of a brand new 10 server hardware infrastructure.

Features: Full-featured CMS, integrated user centred experience, integrated live travel news, integrated delivery of reskin of TfL family of websites as supplied by approximately 18 third party suppliers. The site was migrated from classic ASP to ASP.NET, and integrated the Akamai Content Delivery Network as part of the site’s improved scalability.

Employer: This site was built whilst working for Transport for London.

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