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TfL Coach Parking and Live Travel News map-based web application

TfL Coach Parking Web Application

Website Summary: New interactive online map application for Coach Parking in London, including live traffic news.


Date: May 2006

Expertise provided: Web application design, HTML build, internal client management, user centred design, accessibility.

Technology used: Classic ASP.NET, SQL Server, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Google Maps.

Website Details: The Coach Parking web application was a new frontier for TfL at the time – a Google Maps based dynamic, accessible web application plotting a large amount of data on a map interface including places of interest to coach tour operators and live traffic news (although the traffic news seems to have since been separated to the ‘Road’ section).  I was the key project member, both leading the project and liaising with clients and translating their requirements in to a functional specification and application design. As a government agency in the UK, it was necessary for this application to be accessible to those using screen readers, so all information on the map and search features is also available in a text format as well, and which is coordinated with the map markers.

Features: Google Maps and text based coach parking, places of interest, and live traffic news, London location search (either postcode or street name), all of which are also accessible (in this case, they all work with the map turned off, JavaScript turned off, and/or via a screen reader.

Employer: This web application was built whilst working for Transport for London.

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