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Transport for London intranet – ‘Source’

Transport for London's intranet, Source

Website Summary: Redevelopment of the Transport for London (TfL) intranet in to a vastly improved, coordinated, user-focused, effective internal communication tool with an updated look and feel, along with migration of the website to a CMS powered, ASP.NET solution including  integration with SAP.

Website: Internal URL

Date: May 2005

Expertise Provided: Technical Lead,  Internal Client liaisons.

Technology Used: ASP.NET, SQL Server, RedDot CMS, Scheduled Tasks / Data feeds.

Website Details: As the Technical Lead of the migration to new design and CMS,¬† I was responsible for the migration of all of TfL’s internal web applications such as the phone book, Job Booking System, and a variety of other dynamic form based internal tools to the updated website Look and Feel and new CMS. Additionally as part of the work, a live feed for the scores of the Soccer World Cup was implemented on Source to keep fans from the organisations 20,000 strong staff up to date with progress (particularly England’s (lack of) progress).

Features: Full-featured CMS, integrated user centred experience, integrated phonebook, job booking system, SAP functionality. live travel news, integrated delivery of reskin of TfL family of websites as supplied by approximately 18 third party suppliers. The site was also largely migrated from classic ASP to ASP.NET.

Employer: This site was built whilst working for Transport for London.

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