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Project Management Methodology Tool and Intranet Rollout

Project Management Checklist and Coordination ToolWebsite Summary: Implementation of tools and an intranet subsite to support a new Project Management Methodology implementation across TfL’s Surface Transport directorate.

URL: Intranet URL

Date: March 2005

Expertise Provided: Website Design, Client liaisons, Content guidance, Application Development.

Technology Used: XHTML & Excel, CMS, JavaScript, VBA

Website Details: Implementation of Project Management (PM) Methodology initiative website & application deployed to 5000 ‘Surface’ staff at Transport for London (TfL) via the TfL intranet, including a central Project Management checklist and coordination Excel macro tool used throughout the Surface ‘mode’ for every project going through the directorate. As part of this is was necessary to translate the client requirements in to a functional specification, build to the specification, and manage client expectations and adjustments.

Features: Project Methodology documentation, Intranet subsite, Project Management tools and processes.

Client: Moorhouse Consulting

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