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Visual Studio workspace does not exist (tf14061)

If you ever get the error from Visual Studio that: “Visual Studio workspace does not exist (Error tf14061)”.

Make sure to try all the steps in this article:

Note that you may need to update the Command line script to add the following:

  • IF EXIST “%AppDataTF%\6.0\Cache” MOVE “%AppDataTF%\6.0\Cache” “%AppDataTF%\6.0\Cache.OLD”
  • IF EXIST “%AppDataVS%\14.0\Team Explorer” MOVE “%AppDataVS%\14.0\Team Explorer” “%AppDataVS%\14.0\Team Explorer.OLD”

I was getting this error and thought my VS workspace was corrupt, but after trying all other options I came across this and it worked for me! Which saved me having to recreate the workspace and check out many projects again, for which I was very grateful. I didn’t find the article searching on the problem though, so thought posting about it might help someone else.