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Not-For-Profit People website build

Not-For-Profit People.com.au with mobile siteWebsite Summary: Creation of a new website for the Not-For-Profit People organisation to better serve the needs of both the organisation and the website users.


Date: March 2014

Expertise provided: Website implementation, WordPress theme customisation, responsive website optimisation, project management and consulting, content strategy and curation.

Technology used: HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, PHP, MySQL

Website Details: Not-For-Profit People (NFPP) were looking for a new website to better represent the mission of their organisation, by better accommodating the dual purpose of blogging functionality to serve the needs of the not-for-profit sector better along with better management of their yearly conference, as well as by making the website more visually engaging and optimised for both desktop and mobile users. NFPP approached UltraWebsites to manage the implementation of the new conference theme and adapt it to their needs, to help facilitate website users to get a better appreciation of the organisation and the conference they organise, and thus make the conference a better success through more attendees. The result is an attractive and appealing website that works on a variety of devices and screen sizes, that clearly promotes the conference, provides great blogging functionality, and promotes the not-for-profit sector as a whole.

Features: Responsive website design, full-featured CMS, integrated user-centred experience.

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