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(RED)WIRE Website and Music Player Migration

REDWire Homepage

Website Summary: Migration of the (RED)WIRE application and music player to the Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing network

Date: May 2009

Expertise provided: Client Liaisons, Project coordination, Database Administration, Application Debugging, Audio and Video processing

Technology used: Adobe AIR, Java, Tomcat, MySQL, Amazon Payments (eCommerce) and EC2 Services, Scalr.

Website Details: The (RED)WIRE team wanted their REDWire music player and website ported to the Amazon Web Services infrastructure to provide a more scalable and robust solution for the content delivery to the customers music players, a service which we provide. As part of the work, we needed to process the image, audio and video files provided by various music artists who supported the (RED) initiative (such as U2 and Oasis), and then use the content to power the webservices that allowed the download and playing of the files in the custom Adobe AIR music player application. Additionally, the website that allowed the signup and payment of donations to (RED)Wire was migrated to the Amazon Cloud Computing infrastructure. The Scalr service was used to coordinate, deploy and manage servers and automatically scale the server infrastructure to meet load demands.

Features: Adobe AIR music player, Java powered website and webservices hosted on Amazon EC2, managed by Scalr, enabling payment of donations to REDWire and download of the music artist’s audio, graphic and video content to the player.

Employer: This website and application was migrated whilst working for Lightmaker.

The REDWire Adobe AIR Music Player Client

The REDWire Adobe AIR Music Player Client

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