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TinyMassive Shopping Widget and Website Design and Build

TinyEverywhere Homepage

Website Summary: New shopping advertising widget network and website design and build.

Date: May 2008

Expertise provided: Web application and database architecture and design, Project coordination, Client Liaisons

Technology used: ASP.NET 3.5, SQL Server, XML, Webservices, AJAX

Website Details: TinyMassive is a comparison shopping engine with a strong social component and advanced tools to help merchants promote and sell their products. The shopping widget network was the first stage in a the project and provided an attractive, advanced advertising widget for websites to deploy on their webpages to make money via advertising of shopping products that are relevant to the content of the website. We developed the complete back end engine that provided the data for these widgets, analysed page content for keywords, and also created the parent website displaying ‘as-it-happens’ social-like news of what’s happening across the advertising network when people click through on products. The website also allowed affiliates to signup and provided a dashboard of widget statistics, revenue earned and payment details.

Features: Widget AJAX Web2.0 signup page, widget selection and customisation, affiliate dashboard information, widget deployment network, integration with shopping feed and product recommendation API’s, Google Maps plotting of network activity.

Employer: This web application was built whilst working for Lightmaker.

TinyEverywhere Pods and their various views

TinyEverywhere Pods and their various views

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